- Jean Faucheur - Woman


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-Jean Faucheur- "La Chutte "


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-Jean Faucheur-Portrait of G-

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- Jean Faucheur - Portrait of J.K


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-Jean Faucheur-MI2

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Jean Faucheur


  Considéré comme une figure incontournable de l’art urbain, doté d’une solide formation classique, il a très vite l’intuition fertile qu’il faut abattre les murs des musées et leur donner le ciel pour toit. Adepte inconditionnel des performances collectives, Jean Faucheur a intégré avec fracas l’univers du street art au beau milieu des années 80.

  Ce défricheur explore toutes les techniques (sculpture, peinture, photographie..), tous les types de supports, investit toutes les formes d’espaces, mixe et manipule la matière (métal, dessin) pour produire des œuvres de toutes dimensions. Jean Faucheur est également l’initiateur de la structure M.U.R qui tend a promouvoir les travaux d'autres artistes.


 If Jean FAUCHEUR is considered a key figure and genuine pioneer of urban art, it is because of his taste for disruption and desire to share generously.Coming from a classic fine arts background, he soon realized that we must tear down the walls of museums and give them the sky for a roof.

By 1983, rue d'Artois, he took over billboards by pasting his large-scale paintings over them, to the amazement of passersby.

The following year he founded « The Ripoulin Brothers », a historic collective to urban art in Paris.

Then comes the invitation to New York  from the Tony Shafrazy Gallery, the famous Keith Haring shelter, Futura 2000 and Basquiat, who asks him to spread his papers in the Big Apple.

Jean FAUCHEUR is dedicated to sculpture, painting and photography. He manipulates and mixes the materials to produce works of varying dimensions.He returned to Paris in the early 2000's to the graffiti scene after a meeting with the artist "slasher" Thom Thom posters. Together they founded the association M.U.R., which highlights forerunners and rising stars in urban art. 

Jean FAUCHEUR  was born in 1956 in Paris, where he lives and works.